Whoof Kids Camp Premiere!

Inspired by the great time my kids had at their summer camps and knowing what an impact it had on their lives, I really wanted to have a kids camp at Whoof on the Wharf this summer. 

And what fun we are having! 

From kayaking, paddleboarding, art, fishing, hands-on experiences with guest animals, learning how to approach a strange dog…all skills needed for life, it’s been a rewarding experience for me. 

From one day, here’s the summary: First the kids tried paddle boarding – some liked it better than kayaking, some did not. 🤷‍♀️ Then Echoes of Nature came with Blizzard the red tail hawk and an absolutely adorable rabbit 🐇, and the kids made macaroni animals. Then everyone painted rocks, played in the water, painted canvases, and then back to the water. You get the idea!

Needless to say, we’re all sleeping well, and ready to have fun again the next day. Isn’t that what summer’s about!?  

We’re all learning as we go, and getting better each week. We still have spots available for future weeks – Full camps on July 11 – 15 and August 1-5, plus other morning or afternoon workshops in the weeks between.Kayaking has been a blast

We even got to enjoy some VR experiences, as well as painting pooch faces!

And who knew we’d be building beach houses for visiting hedgehogs?!

Kayak scavenger hunt included the best prize EVER! A pie in the face for our counselors!

Fishing is always a surprise. Never thought to catch a crab, but we DID…and returned him safely back to the water

Of course we couldn’t do this alone. A huge THANK YOU to our partners in this venture of ours, including our counselors, Echoes of Nature, and K9 Constellation Dog Trainers share their passions and inspire future water, dog, nature lovers.